CBM-253 Drukarka termiczna etykiet

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Na drukarkę udzielana jest 30 dniowa gwarancja. Towar pochodzi z wyprzedaży zapasów magazynowych likwidowanego działu.


Printing method Direct heat coloring system (Direct thermal)
Printing direction Line feeding by friction feeding
Effective printing area

Effective Printing width:

56mm 448 dots/line (Thermal paper)

53mm 424 dots/line (Thermal label paper)

Dot density

Main scanning line density: 8 dots/mm. (203 dpi)

Number of columns

37 columns (Font 1 , Thermal paper)

49 columns (Font 2, Thermal label paper)

35 columns (Font 1, Thermal paper)

47 columns (Font 2, Thermal label paper)

Printing speed

400 dot lines/second

(Approximately 11 lines/second when the line feeding amount is l/6 inch.)
However, depending on the combination of the communication time, data,
and control codes, the printing speed may be slower.

Paper feeding speed

50 mm/second

(Approximately 11 lines/second when the line feeding amount is 1/6 inch.)

Line feeding pitch

l/6 inch (Default value)

Possible to change the pitch using the control codes
(Minimum width 1/203 inch)

Character types

Alphanumeric characters         95 characters

International characters          32 characters

Character configuration

12 × 24 (Font 1 including 2-dot horizontal spacing)

9 × 17 (Font 2 including 2-dot horizontal spacing)

Font 1 is selected as the default.

Character size

1.25 × 3.0 (mm) (Font 1)

0.88 × 2.13 (mm) (Font 2)

Character enlargement rates

Standard size, double wide. double height, double wide and height

Specified paper (Roll paper)

Thermal paper

Paper width

60.0 mm± mm

Paper thickness


Diameter of paper roll

φ83 mm maximum

Roll paper core

Internal diameter φ12.0 mm

External diameter φ18.0 mm


Serial interface (RS-232C)

Data buffer

4KB or 45B (Selectable by dip switch setting)

Paper and sensor

Detection of whether there is paper or not. (Mechanical u nit)
Near-end detection (Paper holder unit) 


Rotary system, full cut type (AC-7)

Note: Auto-cutter operation will not be possible while the printer is printing.
Note: After switching on the printer. carry out cutting one time in order to determine the position.
Note: In case of using thermal label paper, paste of label may stick to cutter blade.

Drawer kick-out connector

Drawer kick-out drive terminal × 2
Detection of drawer open/close terminal × l

Power source voltage

AC 230V+10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Approximately 20W (during character printing)

Approximately 40W (during full printing)


Approximately 2.2kg

Operating temperature


Storage temperature

-10°C~50°C (Excluding the recording paper)

Operating humidity

35~80% (Non-condensing)

Storage humidity

30~90% (Non-condensing, excluding the recording paper)

Head lifetime

Pulse resistance : 5 × 107 pulses

Wear resistance : 30 km

(At a printing rate of less than 25.0%, with a resistance value change rate of 15% or less.)

Cutter lifetime

500,000 cuts (At no paste of label on cutter blade.)