CBM-220 Drukarka termiczna - używana

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Na drukarkę udzielana jest 30 dniowa gwarancja. Towar pochodzi z wyprzedaży zapasów magazynowych likwidowanego działu.

Drukarka używana - w opakowaniu zastępczym.


Print method Line thermal dot method
Character composition 16 x 15 dot
Print width 106,86+/-0,3mm
Total dots 640 dot/line
Horizontal resolution 6 dot/mm
Print speed   Approx. 120 dot line/sec.
Character number per line 40 column
Character size 2.50 × 2.34mm
Paper feed method Friction feed method
Horizontal dot pitch 0,167mm
Vertical dot pitch 0,167mm

P: Parallel interface (8 bit)

R: Serial interface (RS-232C)

Input buffer      915 bytes
Paper end detection  

The ALM light will illuminate when the printer is out of paper.

It will stop the printing process while it output a PE signal as an alarm.

Head-Up detection The ALM light will illuminate when the head is up and output an alarm signal.
Automatic temperature compensation circuit

The themister incorporated in the thermal head will monitor the head temperature

and controlthe print quality.

Print mode

Normal mode

Bit image graphic mode

Paper specifications

Width: 112+/-0,5mm

Lenght: Approx. 25m

Outside diameter of roll: 52mm or less

Inside diameter of roll core: 12Ø+/-0,5mm

Thickness of paper: 65+/-0,5um

End mark (50cm red marking from the paper end)

Tensile force on paper Over 50g normal temperature and normal humidity
Auto-cutter With auto-cutter
External output connector D: DC24V, 36Ω or move (1 circuit)

Print pulse: MCTF 3 x 107 pulse

Print head life: Over 30km

Operation temp. & humidity

0 ∼ 40°C    35 ∼ 85% RH

Must be under the head up condition

Storage temp.

-25°C ∼ 60°C    5 ∼ 90% RH


190(W) × 224(D) × 80(H)mm

Net weight

Approx. 2,7kg

Power voltage

AC 220V+/-10% 50/60Hz

Power consumption

Printing: approx. 60W

Stand-by: approx. 10W