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  • Kod producenta: 161390-7
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Przełącznik przesuwny ON-OFF, 7 sekcyjny

Current and Voltage Rating
1.5 ampere max. at 50 V DC
100 milliamperes max. at 5 V DC (resistive load)
25 milliamperes max. at 24 V DC (resistive load)
Contact Resistance:
100 milliohms max. (end of life) and 50 milliohms (initial)
at 50 mV open circuit, 10 milliamperes
Insulation Resistance:
1 x 1011 Ω min. at 100 V DC (initial)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:
500 V DC min. at standard atmospheric conditions
Capacitance: 5 picofarads max.
Environmental Performance:
Vibration, Shock, Humidity, Solderability according to
Product Specification No. 108-7519
Operating Temperature:
–55 °C up to +105 °C (depending of the Series)
More than 7,000 switch operations (depending of the Series)
Material and Finish
Housing and Actuator:
Polyester, glass-filled, UL 94 V-0 rated, self-extinguishing
Spring Contacts and Leads:
BeCu alloy with gold over nickel plating